Domaine Bargylus
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Domaine Bargylus

Lattakia, Syria

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    Domain Bargylus

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    Brand Ambassador

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In 1998 the Saadé family embarked on their wine journey after the decision was made to produce a high quality wine in their native countries of Syria and Lebanon. After a 4 year search it was decided that they would focus on the region of Lattakia in North-West Syria where their family originates.This land is a country of mystery and legends where wine and alphabet were revealed to man and where ancients vines grew more than 3000 years ago. The wine was named Bargylus after the mountain on which the vines are planted, overlooking the Mediterranean.

Determined to produce a high quality wine from the terroir of their homeland, they employed the expert advice of Stephane Derenoncourt, who on visiting the region agreed immediately to take on the Producer, awed by the beauty of the site and mosaic of the terroir.

From the conception of the Producer the Saades knew it would be one of both patience and perseverance, but could never have anticipated that they would have to contend with a civil war. From the outbreak in 2011, neither Stephane or the family have been able to visit, however they are determined to continue to produce their wine and provide as much stability as possible for the families of the area whose livelihoods depends upon Bargylus. Despite explosions having destroyed vines and battles fought only 100m from the winery, production continues. Close to harvest grape samples are delivered to Beirut for tasting via taxi, a journey of over 200km. With all of the extreme logistics involved, Bargylus is today one of the most difficult wines to produce in the world. A terroir that the Saadé family believe is worth fighting for however, they are determined to continue to produce quality wine in Syria, introducing the world to the phenomenal terroir of Lattakia, which would otherwise be unknown.

“Bargylus,The finest wine produced in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

Jancis Robinson and Hugh Johnson – World Atlas Of Wine

“So damn proud of this wine!”

Andrew Jefford – Decanter

“Wine is once again symbolic of determination, perseverance, and belief
in the country’s future despite the obvious tumult all around it”

Cathy Huygues – Forbes