Chateau Marsyas
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Chateau Marsyas

Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

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    Chateau Marsyas

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    Brand Ambassador

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Deeply rooted in the Levant, the Saadé family translated its passion for vines through the creation of Château Marsyas in the southern part of the Bekaa valley. Cited by Strabo and Pliny the Elder, Marsyas is the ancient name of the Bekaa Valley situated between Mount Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon. Renowned for its wine culture, this ancient land reveals itself to be an exceptional place for the creation of a great wine in line with the highest quality standards. Located at an altitude of 900 meters, Château Marsyas is a family initiative founded on the search for excellence.

From the conception of the Producer the decision was made to produce a wine that focused on and highlighted the unique terroir of the Bekaa Valley.

Wine is rooted in earth.

It is with these words that Château Marsyas defines its philosophy deeply rooted in vine cultivation and the ancient craft of wine making.
This philosophy of focusing on the vineyard first and foremost, using exclusively estate grown fruit and minimal intervention in the winery was rewarded in when the first vintage of Chateau Marsyas exceed expectations. Not only did the red wines set a new standard in the region, the white wines were equally as exciting. Today the Saadé family are still convinced that the true potential of the Bekaa has not been realized and are committed to their goal of producing the finest wines in Lebanon. A quality wine is the result of patience. Château Marsyas is intended to translate human virtues that cannot be expressed other than through the fundamental elements of nature.

“For families like the Saades, the production of wine is not only a business but an affirmation of their roots”

Diaa Hadid – Bloomberg.

“Stephane not only undertands the palate of the modern consumer, he also processes what I believe is a fine instinct for terroir. What he has done in Syria is stunning and Marsyas has set new standards in Lebanon”

Mickael Karam – Wines of Lebanon