#labellust – Burn Cottage
10 Jun 2015

#labellust – Burn Cottage

Surely the only wine label inspired by both heavy metal and fairy tales.

10 Jun 2015

Burn Cottage is seriously awesome stuff. Made in Central Otago, New Zealand – everything about this wine is cool – the people behind it, the labels and most importantly the wine itself.

On visiting the property it was easy to see the cool-factor runs far deeper than its label. An immaculate bio-dynamically run property, producing phenomenal Pinot.


I sat down with owner Marquis Sauvage to learn more about them and their story.

VS: The Burn Cottage label is very distinctive, its unique and unlike any other. How did you decide on the visual imagery for the brand?

BC:  In meeting with our designer we went through a bunch of different types of imagery. They were able to get a feel for what it was that I was looking for, and the sort of imagery I like.  I am a huge fan of Heavy Metal, so those type of images come through in both The Burn Cottage and Cashburn Labels.  We also wanted to relay the message that we are a biodynamic vineyard, and make our wine with minimal intervention.   The story of The Green Snake and Beautiful Lilly just really seemed to cover all bases.


Marquis in the centre…

VS: Can you tell us the story behind the ‘Green Snake and Beautiful Lily’ fairytale and how it is relevant to Burn Cottage.

BC: The Green Snake and Beautiful Lilly is a fairy tale by Goethe. Rudolf Steiner, the father of Biodynamics, was inspired by this story so we thought it fitting to use the story as inspiration for The Burn Cottage Label.  The fairy tale is about how man should co exist within the natural world.  The images depicted on The Burn Cottage Label, are all represented in the fairy tale itself.   i.e: the snake, lilly, wise men, etc.


VS: Who did you work with to design the labels?

BC: We worked with some great wiz kids at a company called Mash Designs out of Adelaide Australia.  They have done some other fabulous wine labels.  In fact we are currently developing a new label with them at the moment, so stay tuned.  Dom there has done a great job for us.


VS: Was it the same people that designed your labels that also did your website?

BC: Mash also came up with the our website as well, which is super cool!  However, I may be biased.


VS: Do you think that the way wine looks/is packaged affects people’s perception of the actual wine?

BC: We wanted to come up with a package that was unique and grab peoples attention.  However, as with all great wine, the proof is in the bottle, so that had to be there too.  I think it would be difficult to “pull off,” a label like Burn Cottage if the quality of the wine was not there.  I think sometimes people see Burn Cottage as a cool label, and are surprised that the quality of the pinot is also there in the bottle.


VS: Were you trying to attract a specific demographic to your wines when you designed the labels or are they more a reflection of you, and this is what you are trying to express

BC: No, we were not going after a certain group of wine drinkers with the label.  We were being selfish, and doing what we liked!  It is the same way we make our wine.   We hope people like the label and the wine, but if not, that is ok too.  We always joke, that there is no middle ground with our label.  You either love it or hate it.  Which is fine by us either way.   We also wanted to take the pretension out of wine as well with our label, and make it accessible to all.

To get your hands on some visit www.burncottage.com and to get in touch with their awesome designers go to www.mashdesign.com.au



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