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I am a massive fan of Marie Forleo.

Her interview below of Pulitzer Prize winners Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn is one of my favourites.

Listen to them discuss their new book “A Path Appears” where they discuss hope and solutions for change in a world that can often seem overwhelming.

The title of their book is linked to a century old Chinese story that says “hope is like a path in the countryside, at first there is nothing, as more people walk back and forth a path appears.”

One person can make a difference.

Just the inspo we need at the Voyageur Selections office, as we get the week started with lots of plans in the pipeline.

Have a great week!


K x

Inspiration Vault

The #inspirationvault is a space where I post things that do just that…inspire me.

Having just returned to Australia, I am more conscious than ever of the role women play in the wine industry from wine makers to sommeliers and even more so, the role of the female consumer.

As a new business owner Gayle Tzemach Lemmon’s talk from TEDx Women on female entrepreneurs really resonated with me and I thought it was the perfect start to my #inspirationvault.

I love where she stated that “women can no longer be both half the population and a special interest group.”  #agreed

Well worth the 13 minutes…watch below x